Coming Soon:

Chapper Apps are presently working on a new puzzle game for release in 2013...

About 'Bomb Disposa':

Can you find the active bombs and dispose them before they explode? As you progress from novice to expert, the bomb fuses will beome shorter. Remember to check behind the window blinds!

About 'Bomb Disposa Lite':

Try the free version of the Bomb Disposa game, fully functional for upto 20 bombs. Upgrade to Bomb Disposa to test your skills upto 80 bombs and remove the adverts.

About 'I Found It':

I Found It is a classic 'spot the difference' genre game but with a difference. Each photo used in the 'I Found It' game has 10 differences defined - the game randomly selects 5 to be used.

The result is over 252 possible combinations of the differences per photo!

'I Found It' allows the player to change the difficulty by selecting the time allowed and/or the number of differences that need to be found. Decide from 9 possible difficulty options.

  • Free Version:
Give the free version a run and play upto 10 photos (randomly selected from 15 in the photo

  • In App Purchase:
Upgrade to the full photo album of 100 photos. Chapper Apps are in the process of adding
more photos that will be released free in future app updates (the original album was 50

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